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[STUDY] Journalism Start-ups Looking for Revenue Amidst Depleting Grant Opportunities


A new study is out from the ¬†Renaissance Journalism Center that explores financial sustainability among journalism start-ups. It finds that most journalism start-ups are in the same place – searching frantically for revenue streams to replace depleting grant opportunities. Most of the start ups, initially funded through foundation money, are finding that grants are rarely…





Transparency v. Anonymity: a Geekend Presentation


This past weekend two of our digital communication team members travelled to Savannah, GA for the third annual Geekend Conference to give a presentation on the debate over online transparency an anonymity. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, argues for complete transparency (thus accountability) on the Internet. Christopher “Moot” Poole, founder of the image message board…

Recent Facebook Updates Cripple Pages


Facebook is a great website, there is no doubt. And its communities are invaluable to news organizations, or at least they used to be. Last week Facebook began to roll out a whole host of updates to the site, changing not just how it looks but also how it functions. Despite the protests that always…

Truth Telling: Civil Rights Era to


Our Juvenile Justice Information Exchange,, has its roots in part in The Race Beat, the Pulitzer Prize-winning book co-written by Hank Klibanoff, former managing editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I was taken by how important it was for the press to shine a spotlight on the injustices taking place in the South before and…

Unlocking Video #1: Jump In, Don’t Get Stuck on Details

Knight-Mozilla "Unlocking Video" Challenge

The Learning Lab stage of the Knight-Mozilla “Unlocking Video” challenge has begun. Our submitted idea, Cahoots, is on the front burner here in the office, but we’d love your input throughout this process. We are going to be publishing weekly blog posts about the experience – what we are learning in the regular webinars and…

Pew Research Center Releases Surprising Stats on Mobile Adoption


WOW! These stats are really fascinating. People are trending away from wired internet access toward being exclusively mobile. What does this mean for journalism initiatives that are launching? Think mobile first.   Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project¬†released their “first-ever ¬†stand alone reading on smartphone ownership and usage based on new survey data.”…

Ruth Ann Harnisch Honored by Women Moving Millions

June Donor Profile - Ruth Ann Harnisch

Women Moving Millions recently recognized Ruth Ann Harnisch, our founding donor, as their donor of the month. Ruth Ann is certainly deserving of the attention she is getting there, and we congratulate her on the honor. Take a minute below to read through a summary of WMM’s newsletter write-up about her.   Ruth Ann got…

Edgerank is Vital to Your Brand’s Visibility on the Web


Remember when people launched entire companies dedicated to helping people get more visibility in Google’s search results? While search is certainly still a vital part of any brand’s visibility strategy, there is a new algorithm in town. It’s called Edgerank, and it is Facebook’s formula for deciding what users see in their NewsFeed. Each object…