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Andy Carvin: The Future of Journalism?


Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Andy Carvin, Senior Strategist for National Public Radio. We were both in New York for’s 2Way Summit at Columbia University where Andy was a keynote. He spent most of his time on stage talking about the Gay girl in Damascus story that was surfacing,…

Interesting Topics from Last Week – June 13, 2011

CLAY: Power to the people! Social media has done it again. After police put Kaufman’s theft case on the back burner the California native took matters into his own hands. Activating the “Hidden” app on his computer he was able to track and even snap photos of the culprit. He began posting the photos on Tumblr,…

13% of Adult Internet Users Have Used Twitter [Research]


We just posted a study yesterday from the Pew Internet and American Life Project on internet telephone use that many people (including our staff) found really surprising. Today another interesting study is out showing that 13% of internet users have used Twitter with non-whites leading the pack. According to Pew the study shows a significant…

Pew finds Internet Phone Usage Spike [Research]


WOW! Have you seen the new research coming out of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project about the use of the internet to make phone calls? It has our office really surprised. Their main finding: A quarter of American adult internet users (24%) have placed phone calls online (about 19% of all American…

Social Media Internship Open


The Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State  University is looking for an energetic, creative individual to come work with our digital media team. At the Center, we launch journalism projects aimed at finding ways to financially sustain ethically-sound journalism. The digital media and marketing teams are tasked with building an engaged community around each…

We’re Hiring! Social Communication Strategist


Jobs in journalism are hard to come by these days, but we are moving forward and looking for the right people to help us do it. A couple weeks ago we posted a job opening for a Reporter/Editor position with our Juvenile Justice Information Exchange. Today we’re announcing an opening for a Social Communication Specialist….

Shiv Singh Head of Digital at PepsiCo America


“Just as no one questions today the need to have a customer service telephone number, you cannot question the need to have connections with your consumers in social media.”

Refuting Gladwell: Social Media Can Mobilize Individuals for Social Change


Malcolm Gladwell is a best-selling author and beloved columnist for The New Yorker magazine.

Where Does Social Media Fit in Academia, If Anywhere?

social-media classroom

What is social media’s place in academia? It’s a question that’s been visited with relative frequency since the “main-stream” began to embrace the medium. Most recently it was brought to our attention by Birmingham City University’s decision to launch a 1-year master’s degree program. BCU’s approach is social media as business tools, but it undoubtedly…

Geekend2010 Recap

Geekend2010: fun for the whole family, assuming everyone in your family is so nerdy that they wouldn’t flinch when a geek in a Darth Vader costume randomly appears in the doorway of a keynote address. This was the demographic of last weekend’s conference. It packaged quality information with Wii remotes and robots in a way…