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Social Media

SoCon13 is Less Than Two Weeks Away!

Join us for one of the Southeast’s premiere and longest running social media conference series…[more]

What a $5 Foot-Long Can Teach You About Social Media

More than 100,000 people flooded to the Subway Facebook page earlier last week after a man (who appe…[more]

Another Social Media Blunder Worth Learning From

  As if you really need another lecture on the power of social media. There are a ton of socia…[more]

Introducing SoCon13 – February 9, 2013

  One of the Southeast’s premiere and longest-running social media conferences, the SoCon ser…[more]

We’re Hiring! Online Producer/Web Editor

Online Producer/Web Editor The Center for Sustainable Journalism is looking for a highly-skilled, qu…[more]

Five Simple Ways to Optimize Your Twitter Profile to get More Followers

I hate to admit it, but Twitter is saturated with bots, spammers and every single kind of business f…[more]

Future of Journalism

Public Insight Network Acquires Spot.Us, Three Years In

It has been a big week for the people at Spot.Us and the Public Insight Network. Marking its three-y…[more]

Can Computational Journalism Help Our Grow Even Faster?

I will be on a Georgia Tech FutureMedia Fest panel entitled: Computational Journalism on Tuesday, No…[more]

Being Prepared: A Look at Breaking News Coverage on the Web

A few recent cases of breaking news coverage serve as a strong example of how social media is redefi…[more]


Edgerank is Vital to Your Brand’s Visibility on the Web

Remember when people launched entire companies dedicated to helping people get more visibility in Go…[more]

Andy Carvin: The Future of Journalism?

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Andy Carvin, Senior Strategist for National Public …[more]

Interview with Nicholas Kristof: Precursor to His Sunday Column?

Yesterday, Sunday, April 17, 2011, New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof wrote an opinion pie…[more]

Pew Counts: What’s Behind and Ahead for Social Media

“The skill set of journalist’s has never been in more demand.” – Lee Rainie …[more]

Shiv Singh Head of Digital at PepsiCo America

“Just as no one questions today the need to have a customer service telephone number, you cann…[more]

Fancher: It Takes a Community to Reinvent Journalism

Mike Fancher, former 20-year executive editor of the Seattle Times, is writing a Knight Commission w…[more]

On Our Radar

Interesting Topics from Last Week – June 24, 2011

Each week our digital communications team reads dozens of blog posts, news articles, tweets, and oth…[more]

Interesting Topics from Last Week – June 20, 2011

CLAY: Odds are you’re here because you like journalism, right? And along those lines you proba…[more]

Interesting Topics from Last Week – June 13, 2011

CLAY: Power to the people! Social media has done it again. After police put Kaufman’s theft ca…[more]