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StumbleUpon Overtakes Facebook, #1 in Website Referrals in all of North America


Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share Do you stumble? Do you at least know what it is? You should, and here’s why. Kicking off 2011, StumbleUpon, a website that recommends ‘the best of the web’ based on the recommendations of users with similar interests, got to add another shiny achievement to its…

Recent Facebook Updates Cripple Pages


Facebook is a great website, there is no doubt. And its communities are invaluable to news organizations, or at least they used to be. Last week Facebook began to roll out a whole host of updates to the site, changing not just how it looks but also how it functions. Despite the protests that always…

Photography is Not a Crime, or is It?


Do you have the right to film police? Do the police have the right to delete video (or any) files from your cell phone? Are you allowed to photograph the exterior of federal buildings? These are all good questions taken from real-life examples. When Miami-based multimedia journalist Carlos Miller started Photography is Not a Crime…

YOU Made SMIATL a Great Success, Thanks


PHOTOS from SMIATL 2011 2011′s Social Media Integration conference is officially one for the history books. Special thanks to all the sponsors, speakers and 200+ attendees for making SMIATL2011 another great success! Photos from the conference are live on Picasa. Feel free to tag, share and save. Along with great memories comes great networking opportunities….

SMIATL 2011 Speaker Presentations


Thank You! The 2011 Social Media Integration conference at Kennesaw State University may be one for the record books, but the knowledge is here to stay. The two-day event saw a host of presentations from social media experts and strategists around the nation. Even if you weren’t fortunate enough to attend, there’s still room to…

The Future isn’t the Present: A J-School Grad’s Roadmap to Journalism

newspaper eye -- Clay Duda/CSJ

May 2011 marked my one year anniversary as an official j-school grad. Yay. I’ll admit I was doing a bit of celebrating at the time in 2010, but I knew the real battle was just getting started. I needed to find a job. I had to pull some strings at the restaurant to get the Saturday of…

How Journalists Should Talk About Their Assignments on Twitter


Journalists love Twitter. Well, the ones who got fired over it probably don’t …. but many use the site for their daily work, including talking about their finished assignments. The great (and sometimes not so great) thing about Twitter is that hard rules don’t exist beyond the 140-word limit unless your media organization created guidelines…

Edgerank is Vital to Your Brand’s Visibility on the Web


Remember when people launched entire companies dedicated to helping people get more visibility in Google’s search results? While search is certainly still a vital part of any brand’s visibility strategy, there is a new algorithm in town. It’s called Edgerank, and it is Facebook’s formula for deciding what users see in their NewsFeed. Each object…

Why Your Business Needs to be Integrated with Social Media


Read this if you’re wondering why you should attend the Social Media Integration Conference in September 2011. Social media is not a plaything, a buzzword or a passing fad. It’s here to stay. And, yes, It can even create leads for your business. Some of the main social networks that businesses and business professionals use…

4 Arguments to Sell Social Media to Your Boss

Conceptual image - help to the friend

So you’re sold on this social media thing. Its fun, hip, and generally what’s happening. But how do you sell your boss (and the rest of your organization) on the benefits of diving headlong into a non-traditional marketing strategy? For some social media is still mystical and even scary, but there are some added benefits…