YOU Made SMIATL a Great Success, Thanks


2011′s Social Media Integration conference is officially one for the history books. Special thanks to all the sponsors, speakers and 200+ attendees for making SMIATL2011 another great success!

Photos from the conference are live on Picasa. Feel free to tag, share and save.

Along with great memories comes great networking opportunities. If you weren’t fortunate enough to make the event or are just trying to make sense of that stack of business cards sitting on your desk there are tons of options to stay connected after the final Q&A. There are SMIATL groups on LinkedIn and Facebook where you’re free to talk social media until SMIATL12 rolls around.

And of course there’s the #SMIATL hashtag where you can track the conversation from bootcamp to break-out. Speaking of Twitter, you may also want to check out the Twitter list of SMIATL speakers and add them to your contact list.

Oh, the great speakers! Check out your one-stop guide to all the ‘face melting’ presentations right here.

Know of one we’re missing? Drop a line to Clay Duda at sduda [at] kennesaw [dot] edu.
Last but certainly not least, if you’re still looking to take your social media expertise to the next level the CSJ has two great conferences just around the corner: Media Law in the Digital Age next month in October and the sixth-annual SoCon conference (SoCon12) in February, 2012.
  • Media Law in the Digital Age-The Media Law in the Digital Age conference is a must attend for anyone who publishes online content or works in digital media. Whether you are blogger, social media strategist or a journalist, the rules in digital media law are constantly changing.  The best way to protect your organization . . . and yourself is to know what the rules are today.Experts in the fields of law, digital media, internet security, journalism and academia will lead panel sessions in an intensive day-long conference where  Media Law in the Digital Age attendees will get key take- aways like:
    • Mobile Apps:  What exactly is geolocation and what legal risks accompany the use of geolocation data for content tailoring?
    • Is Recording in Public a Crime? What you need to know now.
    • The biggest question in digital media is how to make money at it. There are a thousand different answers to that question, but all of them are subject to state and federal law.
    • Learn what the statutory and regulatory regimes are for advertising and promotion.
    • Social Media and Its Legal Implications: Understand the pitfalls of engaging in social media.
    • What you need to know about social media and claims for invasion of privacy anddissemination of private facts.
    • Be aware of the violations of social media site terms of service and how it can affect you.
    • What does the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act mean for you.
    • Recognize the risks posed by spoofers and impersonators.
    • How to manage the legal risks arising out of user-generated content.
    • Understand what you need to know about the Safe harbor of Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
    • How to comply with the DMCA’s statutory requirements and how to limit legal exposure from trademark violations in user content.
    • What to do you do when asked to comply with a subpoena for user’s information.
    • When you need a license to use a certain copyrighted work and when you can rely upon the doctrine of fair use or the concept of the “public domain”.

  • SoCon12-Now in it’s sixth-year, the SoCon conference series has grown to be one of the premiere gatherings of social media professionals in the Southeast. Last years conference included more than 300 attendees and 30 break-out sessions. While many of the details are still secret, SoCon12 promises to be another great opportunity for networking and learning. Made it to SMIATL? A few items in your welcome bag may hint at the festivities in store ;) No matter where you fit on the social media spectrum there’s bound to be something for you — from PR and journalism to small business owner and consultant . February 3-4, 2012.


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