Your One-Stop Guide to Connecting at SoCon11

With just a few weeks left until SoCon11 kicks off the attendance list is already near the brim. Celebrating five years of SoCon – one of the longest running social media conferences in the South – this year’s two-day extravaganza promises to be a healthy balance of networking fun and real-world take homes.

One of the most beneficial aspects of attending conferences, or any professional shindig really, is the chance to expand your network and influence within your industry.

To get the most out of the experience (not to mention the most bang for your buck) it’s important to remember that networking doesn’t start at the conference doors.

Leading up to SoCon11 there are a number of ways to get connected and start networking early. Even if you couldn’t make it to conference there are some valuable contacts to be forged within the digital buzz.

Admittedly, there are so many ways to engage online that sometimes the efforts become a bit muddled.

Consider this your one-stop guide to connecting at SoCon11:

  • Meet the speakers: Be the Twit you always knew you were. Connect, follow, and interactive with the award-winning hodgepodge of speakers from across the industry using our Twitter list of speakers.
  • Hashtag your way into the mix: There are two hashtags associated with SoCon11. The first is simply #SoCon11 and serves as the general, all-purpose hashtag for the conference conversation. The second, mainly used in the run up to SoCon, is #askSoCon11. Ask a question to one of the SoCon11 speakers for a chance at a free social media book each week leading up to the event.
  • I’m here, now what?: Tweet, blog, talk (in real life), and – of course – CrowdVine. If you’re an avid conference-goer or if you’ve been to a CSJ conference before you’re probably familiar with CrowdVine. If not, it’s somewhere in between a cross of Facebook and Twitter (to strikingly generalize). It’s easy to use and serves as more of a day-to-day, day-of, and post conference forum. Check back regularly for logistical information and blog posts. You can even check out SoCon10’s CrowdVine for recaps, videos, and to see who’s coming back this year.
  • Oh wait, that’s me: Did you see yourself on the big screen? Throughout the two-day conference photos from the SoCon11 Flickr group will stream (more or less) live as they’re uploaded. Be sure to stop by the photo booth Friday night for a snap shot sure to make the Facebook profile.
  • That was a blast! Thanks for having me: Go home, write a blog, upload your photos, and edit your videos. Follow the Center for Sustainable Journalism on Facebook and upload all of your whimsical SoCon memories.

Did we miss anything? Please let us know.

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